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Zero Down Payment Program


Let's say you are still saving for that down payment and haven't quite got the whole 5% cash for a down payment, our Zero Down Payment Program option is probably for you and will help you to get into a home today.

Sometimes we can offer you the home for No Down Payment if you meet some qualifying terms of the program. Basically we will rent the home to you on a long term lease. If at the end of the lease you have made all your payments on time you will now qualify for Owner Financing program and we will most likely waive any down payment due to your excellent payment history.

We will structure this as a long term lease for at least 18-24 months so if you are not serious about buying a home or living in a certain area then this program is not for you. At the end of your lease, if you have had made your payment each month on time we will offer you the opportunity to buy the house and we will finance it for you. Keep in mind you are never obligated in anyway to buy the home nor are we obligated to sell it to you. However, if you have an excellent long term payment history and would like to buy the house it seems to make sense that we sell it to you. Of course, if you are able to purchase it at that time or even before then with your own financing then call us. We will most likely be able to work out a deal and cancel your lease agreement with us. Then we'll sell you the home and/or help you to purchase it.

How it works

The lease agreement will structured to have the same monthly payments as if we were doing owner financing for you. So let's say your monthly payment is going to be $1,100. You would be looking at making a first and last month lease payment for $1,100 + $1,100 for a total of $2,200. There may be a small security deposit of $100-$500.

So again, here's how you qualify for our Zero Down Owner Financing Program.

  • You are able to make a first and last month lease payment plus small security deposit.
  • You make all your payments on time during the lease agreement & honor the lease agreement.
  • You qualify for our Owner Financing Program with no down payment. Our first offer to sell the home will be to you!